House Rules and Expectations
As the butterfly transforms itself, so do we evolve

Papilion House, Inc. is a supportive, communal, sober living environment.  It is necessary to abide by set rules and guidelines to maintain order and reduce conflict or confusion.  It is equally important that house members have the ability to work together as a team and support one another in the journey to living a responsible life guided by spiritual principals. It is impossible to foresee every situation that might arise so please remember this when issues come up.  Once accepted into the Program you will be expected to honor your agreement and uphold the responsibilities outlined below in order to remain eligible for membership. 

Papilion House, Inc. Member's Forum reserves the right to discharge anyone who does not maintain the standards set for residency at Papilion House.

The following situations would result in discharge:

-Non-payment of rent
-Inability to abstain from drug or alcohol use
-Disruptive, dangerous or anti-social behavior
-Unwilling to abide by the House Rules
-Dishonesty, theft or violence


All aspects of the Papilion House, Inc. Program are governed by the House Members themselves.  Every House Member at Papilion House is an equal member of the household.  Regardless of how long she has lived in the house.

House Forum is the term given the collective household membership and to meetings or gatherings where Papilion House, Inc. Business is discussed.  No House Member is denied attendance to this meeting or this group.  Everyone must be given an invitation to attend any such meeting or gathering. 

However, for the necessity of compliance and accord, a House Leader is chosen by the House Forum at the last weekly Finance Meeting of the month to serve the household as facilitator for the following month.  The House Leader is the liaison among House Members, calls special meetings if needed and chairs the weekly meetings for one month.  She assigns chores that month.  An elected Finance Chair keeps the financial records and controls the petty cash purse that month.  The House Leader holds no authority over other House Members. No House Member, except if there for less than one month, may escape the rotation of this position.

Finances are managed at the weekly Finance Meeting by the Finance Chair.  The Papilion House, Inc. founder, Angela W. will attend this meeting to administer the financial decisions set forth by the House Forum. The House Members are required to manage a budget for all expenses for the house, 'House Items". Unless work or medical reason precludes it, all House Members are required to attend this meeting.

During the first 24 Hours at Pavilion House, Inc. you may not leave the property except for work or medical necessity.

Curfew Hours are 10 PM the 1st week, 11 PM the 2nd week and 12 Midnight after that.  You are expected to be on time.  If work conflicts with this curfew, prior arrangements must be made.  If you find you are going to be late you must call the House Leader prior to your curfew deadline.  Any infraction will result in House Forum review, consequence and possibly eviction.  Curfew violations will result in a random drug test and the cost involved.

Productive Living is part of recovery.  All House Members are required to either work full time or part time if going to school.  If you do not have a job you must actively seek employment or perform 20 hours of community service per week at an approved facility until employment is found.

Except on Weekends, you must be up, dressed, and finished cleaning your room by 9:30 AM.  If your work schedule forces your weekend to fall on days other than Saturday or Sunday, a member must address the house forum to inform them which days are considered your weekend.

90 Meetings in 90 Days.  Unless you have 3 months clean and sober upon acceptance as a House Member you are required to do 90 meetings in 90 Days.  No exceptions.

Papilion House, Inc. is a 12-Step honored facility.  In the traditions of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous it is acknowledged that there is a Higher Power. Please respect the sanctity of each person’s religious beliefs.  It is strongly suggested that members join in a  group meditation and reflection every morning in order to start the day with great expectations.  However, everyone is to respect the spiritual path that the others are on. 

Active participation in your own recovery is mandatory. You are required to secure and maintain an active, working relationship with a sponsor.  You must attend one in-house AA meeting per week and an additional two AA/CA meetings per week. Any exception to this will be approved by the House Forum.

Life Skills are learned through the active participation in house management.  All of the affairs of this household are handled by the House Members.  You are required to meet as a group once a week where you will discuss house matters including activities, finances, prospective House Member interviews and issues that are brought before the community. 

Papilion House, Inc. requires that a member commit to a minimum stay of 3 months.  This means that you are financially committed for three months as well as making a personal commitment to yourself  and the other house members.  If you decide to move out prior to three months you are still responsible for the membership dues through that three month period.


The use of alcohol or unauthorized use of mood-altering chemicals either on or off the premises is prohibited.  Sobriety is not an option, it is a requirement.  Violation of this rule is grounds for eviction.

Suspected illegal drug or alcohol use must be address by the House Member who suspects such activity by calling a meeting of the House Forum.  A drug screening test may be requested at the expense of the suspected violator.  Violation of this rule is grounds for eviction. 

Any illegal activity is strictly prohibited both on and off the premises.  Any violation is grounds for eviction.

There are to be no sexual, intimate relationships formed between house members whatsoever.

Co-Dependency is not conducive to recovery.  It is expected that House Members not enable each other.  It is equally important that members not meddle or attempt to control others.  You are responsible for your own behavior - not the behavior of others.  Care and concern for others comes from the heart and is more of an observation of behavior changes.

Confidentiality and anonymity of peers is an integral part of maintaining an emotionally safe and nurturing environment.   What is said in the house stays in the house.

Accountability for your actions and doing the things that are expected of you is necessary to maintain harmony and accord in the house.  Be responsible.  You will be held accountable.  "Keeping your own house in order" should be your foremost priority.

Consideration for others feelings, personal belongings, time, and space is necessary for so many people living under one roof.  Please respect others.  Respect their time and their space.  Do not use any products or take any food that belongs to other House Members.  This is theft.

Unless invited or given permission to do so, you are not allowed in another House Member's room.  Period.  Violations of this are grounds for eviction.  Likewise, if you are sharing a room, you are not to disturb anything in the room that does not belong to you.

Guests in the house, including over night guests are at the discretion of the House Forum. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests.  No guest can stay longer than 2 nights in any 7 day period.  Any Guest staying more than one night must be approved again by the House Forum.  80% house member approval is required on each occasion, and when possible try to notify all members of overnight guests as a courtesy.

Papilion House, Inc. members may stay elsewhere no more than 2 nights a week in a 7 day period after they have completed their mandatory home time.  Staying outside Papilion House, Inc. must be approved by the House Forum prior to making overnight arrangements.  Each night a member stays outside Papilion House, the member must call and let other members know of their whereabouts.  Texting or leaving notes is not an appropriate means of communication in this case.

Sleeping in common living areas is not permitted. 


Your room must be kept.  Your bed must be made daily.  Sheets kept clean and clothes put away. No clutter will be allowed.  Weekly cleaning of bed linens, floors and furniture dusting is mandatory.  Each House Member is responsible for keeping her assigned bath room clean.  You will be assigned an area of the bath room to store your toiletry items.  You must keep this area tidy.

Laundry: Each House Member is responsible for doing her own laundry.

Meals: Each House Member is responsible for preparing her own meals and cleaning up after herself.  No exceptions.   

Furniture and Fixtures may be brought into the house so long as they fit comfortably in your room or if for common use it is agreed by the House Forum that the item can be there.  Any furniture or fixture is the sole responsibility of its owner and the house bears no responsibility for it.  Personal items are reserved for your private area.  Any exceptions should be addressed by the House Forum.

Phones:  Please answer any house phone "Hello".  Do not give out any information to the caller.  Do not acknowledge if a particular House Member lives there.  Anyone calling should know who they are calling. If someone calls for a House Member and she is not at home, please write down (on the "PHONE PAD") the name and phone number of the person who calls.  It is everyone's responsibility to check the "Phone Pad" to see if they had a call.  House Members are not required to be receptionists.  But everyone should have the courtesy to take a message.  Phone messages should be checked at least weekly.

There is only one phone line and computer internet access.  It is imperative that each member using the house phone and internet be courteous and conscientious of others needs.  Please do not hog the phone line.

Chores are assigned at the weekly House Forum.  The House Leader is charged with assigning tasks for the House Members. A Chore List must be posted by Tuesday night each week. House Leader is required to rotate these duties between House Members.   However, no one person may be assigned any task for longer than one week at a time, unless a member did not complete their chore the previous week. The Chore List must include Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors, Furniture Dusting, Lawn Care, Shopping for "House Items" and any other action that is needed to maintain the household.  Any dispute of these assignments must be resolved in House Forum.  Completed chores are due at the start of the following weeks House Forum.

Papilion House is able to provide a vehicle for member use.  This vehicle is only used to get members to the bus stop, to work, to meetings, doctors appointments and the grocery store.  This car is not available to members for personal visits to friends or personal functions.  The cost of fuel for this vehicle is the responsibility of the house members.  A schedule must be worked out between members to accommodate everyone's needs.

House Members who have vehicles may offer to give you rides to meetings or appointments however, it is neither their responsibility nor their obligation to do so. 


All House Members will be fined for non-compliance with House Rules: 


Items left in the common areas - $  5
Failure to make bed         - $  5
Failure to keep room tidy              - $10
Failure to perform any part of chores                           - $10
Late for curfew - immediate UA
Any other violation of guidelines        - brought before house forum

Bartering is Strictly Forbidden:  Everyone is required to uphold their agreed responsibilities.  Under no circumstance may you barter away your responsibilities.  Bartering is grounds for immediate eviction.

Papilion House, Inc. works on the basis that the members themselves take part in creating their own community, giving them the opportunity to learn how to set healthy boundaries and preserve them.