Dear Friends: 
Papilion House is a voluntary fellowship which provides transitional housing for women recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.  We offer affordable, safe, clean and sober housing to women in all stages of recovery.  The idea is to bridge the gap between treatment and independence.  
Papilion House is self-sufficient living where women can grow personally and professionally while living in a spiritually guided, 12-Step environment.  The goal of the Papilion House Program is to encourage recovering women to be successful, responsible and accountable for themselves and their sobriety.
Papilion House was founded by Angela W.,  a recovering alcoholic and drug addict herself, she has experienced first-hand the challenges people in recovery face in finding a safe, affordable and structured living environment in which to pursue sobriety.  Angela understands the benefits of support and structure from her own journey in recovery. And she has had positive  results and growth as a resident in a similar sober house concept.  
So with her experience in property management and with a desire to do meaningful service work, Angela sought and has found  a way to meet the housing needs and structured support that many men and women find beneficial in their personal journey for recovery with the creation of  Papilion House.
The Papilion House Program has been modeled after other successful democratically run sober houses.  Angela does  manage the house.  She is the Administrator of the Program.  Participation in the program is voluntary; however residency requires full compliance with the Program House Rules and Expectations.  The Papilion House Program has been developed using proven practices that have helped many people move to sober independence.  Any resident is free to leave the fellowship at any time he/she feels she is ready to move on.
As the Administrator, Angela supports Member/Residents in their management of the house. She oversees all finances and insures that the Papilion House Program is followed as designed.
Highlights of the Papilion House Program:
    * All Members have an equal voice in creating a safe and sober environment.
    * All Members are responsible for the household expenses.
    * All Members are given consequences for their actions including fees for non-compliance to House Rules.
    * There is zero-tolerance for drug or alcohol use, acts of violence, sexual misconduct or immoral behavior.
    * All Members must adhere to the House Rules and Expectations.
    * All Members, as a unit, form a House Members Forum which governs all aspects of House Rules and compliance.
Members of Papilion House are required to be productive members of society.  They must either be employed, or they must be actively seeking  employment or performing community service with an approved agency.  Productive use of time promotes progress towards self-sufficiency.  Our goal is to have every member employed within their first 30 days of occupancy.  We aim to do this by offering resume preparation and interview skills workshops.  We partner with fellow agencies for job placement.
All Members are equally responsible for keeping their house and yard clean and tidy.  This is accomplished by assigning chores to all household Members.
Papilion House Program embraces the 12-step concept as taught in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  We hold that Sponsors are an integral element in sobriety.  Members are therefore required to have a sponsor and they are required to "work the program".  They will be encouraged to maintain a strong, active relationship with their Sponsor.
Papilion House is not equipped for anyone needing special medical care of any kind.  We are not a medical facility and do not provide medical services of any type.  

All members meet with a licensed couselor twice monthly whose services are included in the total monthly residency cost.  Other supportive services include life skills training, case management, sober coaching, sober community integration workshops and transportation.
Papilion House is located in American Fork, Utah, just north of the American Fork Hospital.  The home is comfortably suitable for 9 women sharing rooms.  There is a large kitchen, comfortable common areas and beautiful yard.  There are shopping and employment opportunities in the immediate area.
Papilion House is a wonderful place to begin your new life in sobriety.  We hope that you will join us.

As the butterfly transforms itself, so do we evolve
Last updated: August 3, 2016
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